What goals would you like to complete this year? Most people start out with New Year’s resolutions but few see them through successfully. Before you commit yourself to this year’s task, review the mistakes you have made in the past. How have you gotten off track in previous attempts?

1. Take action immediately with SMART goals.
Once you postpone the startup date, you are beginning the process of procrastination and avoidance. These goal killers must be conquered. You must also step forward with courage. It is usually frightening to some measure when you set goals. You risk embarrassment and the possibility of failure. Courage means doing it anyway. When you’re setting and achieving your life goals, remember that action soothes anxiety and builds confidence.

2. Think through your goals.
What is the outcome you want to achieve? What are reasonable objectives for one month, three months, six months and beyond? Don’t overdo the first week. Instead, think about the long haul. Determine a steady and progressive pace. If you are out of shape, do not start by running three miles the first few days. When you’re setting and achieving your life goals, remember to slowly build up to the desired distance. This prevents injury and frustration that can lead to quitting.

3. Spend time visualizing your goal as accomplished.
These images build a sense of belief that your goals are attainable. Visualization develops a faith that pushes you to keep going.

4. Find inspiration.
Establish various methods of getting information and encouragement. This can come in the form of self-improvement tapes, books, therapy, attending lectures, taking courses online, going back to college or sitting in a church pew. We live in a world that has so many negative influences. You are going to have to find ways to stay positive and inspired. Feed your mind positive thoughts that will help you achieve your life goals.

6. Develop habits that support your life goals.
You must be willing to do the things that most people are not willing to do. You must push beyond your limits. When you’re setting and achieving your life goals, you must go beyond your comfort zone.

6. Create good habits.
Your habits form the routine that make you get up early or stay up late. Your habits help you skip that candy bar or miss that unnecessary two hours of television. When you’re setting and achieving your life goals will require consistency on your part. Be accountable to yourself and reach your goals!

7. Make up your mind that you are going to overcome obstacles to your golas.
This is where being hardheaded can be a blessing. Tap into that side of you that hunkers down when someone says, “You’re not smart enough.” Persevere until you achieve your goals!

8. Get excited about your life goals.
You will attain them faster and easier with every ounce of enthusiasm you can muster. Surround yourself with a passion so strong that no negative influence can discourage you. When you’re setting and achieving your life goals, develop a burning desire and you will notice that even the toughest task will be more enjoyable.

9. Remember that success is a process.
It rarely occurs overnight. Many people do not set goals because they are afraid they will be considered foolish. Do not initially aim for perfection; instead, strive to just get started. Then place your focus on sticking with your goals and over time, reach for fame. Someone once told me, “You won’t like anything you produce, so produce it anyway.” When you’re setting and achieving your life goals, remember that you don’t have to get it right; you just have to get it going!

10. Give your goals a full, all-out effort.
Most people start with a bang and soon after, end with a fizzle. Give your resolutions everything you have and you will succeed. Be willing to put in the time and energy to reach all of your goals. Allow no room for excuses. Make a commitment. Decide in your head and in your heart that, “I will do whatever it takes.”


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